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The Facts

Barbara Shang, M.D.
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This website was created in response to allegations made by Nili Alai which were posted on a website using Dr. Shang's name. The information disclosed below is available in public court documents.


Nili Alai, previously known as Ally Alain, was a patient who came in to see Dr. Shang in 2011 for a routine eye exam. Alai later claimed to have developed symptoms of pink eye. She was never seen or treated by Dr. Shang for her stated condition. Alai thought she contracted pink eye from Dr. Shang's office and filed a lawsuit alleging that she caught EKC, a specific type of eye infection commonly known as pink eye, from Dr. Shang’s office. 


Alai's case was subsequently dismissed by the Judge, and she was ordered to pay fees to Dr. Shang's attorneys. After Alai lost the case and was ordered to pay the fees, she set up her website.

The following constitute the allegations on Alai's website, all of which are false:

1) Conspiracy: There was no conspiracy, either between Dr. Shang and her attorneys or between Dr. Shang and her patients. Robert McKenna and Ben Ikuta were the attorneys assigned to defend Dr. Shang in the lawsuit filed by Alai. Since 2012, Alai has been involved in at least three separate lawsuits  and 1 CHRO action. If by conspiracy, Alai is referring to Mr. McKenna’s law firm representing her defense, then that is true.  On the other hand, Alai went through four different law firms, along with periods of self representation, for this one case alone. Alai's conspiracy theory simply constitutes an attack on Dr. Shang and her attorneys. In addition, there was no witness tampering. The Court ruled on this issue and stated that Alai "failed to demonstrate witness tampering."

2) Perjury: There was no perjury. Dr. Shang has stated repeatedly that conjunctivitis is a very common form of eye infection which she sees on a weekly, if not daily, basis. In fact, eye irritation and redness, are some of the most common reasons patients seek eye care. The code used by Alai from the Medicare records are for various infectious conjunctivitis and not specifically for EKC. Thus, rather than show perjury, the Medicare records actually support Dr. Shang's statements.

3) Fraud: There was no Medicare fraud. Dr. Shang's office properly billed and collected $20,000 from Medicare for seeing patients with conjunctivitis and other eye conditions over the course of one and a half years. This amount is considered low for one of the most common conditions seen by an eye doctor.

4) Judicial Notice: The request for judicial notice is a document created by Alai after her case was dismissed. The request for judicial notice was denied by the court. The statements and conclusions regarding any alleged negligence or wrongdoing on behalf of Dr. Shang or her attorneys are false. 

It is unfortunate that in this internet era, anyone can post anything on the web and have it pose as the undisputed truth. Cyber attacks are common and oftentimes go unchecked. While everyone is entitled to free speech, it is a privilege that can be easily abused. Patients who have any questions regarding these issues are welcome to contact the office for further clarification.

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15785 Laguna Canyon Rd, Suite 350

Irvine, CA 92618

(949) 726-1888

Supporting court documents: to be posted

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